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Acupuncturist in Hale & Didsbury (Cheshire & M20)

Annie practices as a Traditional Chinese Acupuncturist in Hale, Cheshire and also delivers Acupuncture in Didsbury, and Hulme.


  • has 35 years experience as a Health Care Professional

  • is a Registered General Nurse - Member of the Nursing & Midwifery Council

  • has an unrivalled passion for treating women's health conditions: gynaecology, fertility and obstetrics

  • teaches gynaecology, fertility and assisted reproductive techniques from Chinese medical and biomedicine perspectives at degree level

  • completed an internship at the Traditional Chinese Medical Hospital, in Huang Zhou, China

  • has a special interest and extensive experience treating psychological and emotional disorders, including anxiety and depression

  • teaches postgraduate training in Acupuncture in Pregnancy and Childbirth and has had miraculous outcomes treating women during their pregnancy to reduce nausea, pain and anxiety

  • delivers post graduate training due to her wealth of experience in treating women undergoing Fertility treatment and fully understands Assisted Reproduction, IVF Protocols and the research endorsing pre and post Embryo Transfer treatment. Annie supports her patients along their fertility journey to parenthood using evidence based and timely treatment with sensitive care

  • is a Biomedicine & Clinical Reality Module Leader at the Northern College of Acupuncture in York, heading up a multidisciplinary team of tutors who deliver the biomedical & Chinese medicine modules on the BSc and MSc Acupuncture.

  • has twelve years experience working with people with addiction issues and has found Chinese acupuncture to be the most effective tool for assisting detoxification, managing withdrawal symptoms, cravings and preventing relapse

  • is an External Examiner for other academic acupuncture institutions, where her expertise and experience is used to oversee their degree level assessment and examination practices

  • is a member of the Investigating Panel for the British Acupuncture Council, ensuring that practitioners follow Safe Guides to Practice to protect public safety

    " I can’t describe how much Annie has changed my life and health for the better. She is truly amazing! I came to Annie after a miscarriage and a traumatic ectopic pregnancy where I was in a very dark place mentally, and physically was struggling to get my cycles back on track after losing a fallopian tube and receiving a PCOS diagnosis. Alongside her treatment and dietary advice (which I still follow to this day!), my cycles came back naturally and we were able to work together on building me back up to start trying again. I unfortunately suffered a 3rd miscarriage during this time and Annie was a beacon of support, providing a calm, kind and nurturing environment for my treatments during this time. I went on to finally have my rainbow baby (naturally) the year after and I can’t thank Annie enough as I don’t think I could’ve got through everything without her. I’m still a regular with Annie now and my once irregular cycles are now like clockwork and overall I feel so much more balanced mentally after giving birth 2 years ago. Thank you so much for everything! Jan 2024

    " is simply fantastic. When I was ready to start trying for my second baby, I went to Annie.
    I had a history or miscarriages and irregular cycles.
    We had a long call where she asked me loads of questions to get to know my cycle and lifestyle. I asked a lot of questions and she told me in detail what her plan was and how we would do about regularising my cycle, thicken my womb lining, diet, lifestyle etc.
    When ever I came for a treatment, it felt like I was on a getaway. I felt calm, settled and sure that I was in the best place. Her calm, soothing voice and presence made me feel at home.
    Having acupuncture for an hour was so peaceful and calm.
    Within a few months of treatment, got pregnant. Annie was with me and held my hands and also performed acupuncture to help me through the sickness, headaches, pelvic girdle pain etc.
    I knew that I was on this journey with her and she had my best interest at heart. Sometimes I felt like she was my therapist because she always listened to and reassured me.
    I’m happy to say that I now have a healthy little boy whom I absolutely adore.
    I can’t thank Annie enough for her support and expertise. If I had to go on this journey again, I would definitely choose Annie! (July 2023)

    "I first visited Annie after my second miscarriage when things felt very difficult to cope with. From this session onwards I felt that I had found someone who truly listened, and was there for me as I navigated the struggles that follow a miscarriage and future fertility. I left each session feeling a little lighter and more relaxed. Not only is Annie a great acupuncturist, but she also cares about what else is going on in your life and how this might impact you – and how this can be treated. Annie was such a champion of my decisions through my subsequent miscarriage and IVF treatment and gave me the confidence to trust my body again. I am now 22 weeks pregnant with a little girl and cannot begin to think Annie enough for all the support she is given me! I honestly cannot recommend her more highly, and would tell anyone considering an acupuncturist, particularly with regards to fertility, to visit Annie. Thank you so, so much x (July 2023)

    "I first visited Annie as an anxious third year acupuncture student, suitably educated on the plethora of ways the body could fall into disharmony! As a busy student my self care had fallen by the way side, and my periods had become extremely erratic after a short spell with the copper coil.
    Annie quickly reminded me about the magic of diet, and most of all allowed me to open up and relax. Due to the erratic nature of my menstrual cycle, I had become worried about my fertility; Annie gave me courage to trust in my body and advice I could use at home to relax and nourish both physically and mentally. I am now a mother of 2! (Dec 2022)

    "Just a note to say thank you for all your acupuncture & support over the last couple of years, you have been a real lifeline and I’m so grateful for everything you did for me. Navigating my miscarriages and pregnancies was so difficult for me, but you really guided me through some dark times and shined a light I so desperately needed…. Thank you!!! We now have our beautiful daughter and we’ll always be grateful to you. I hope your paths cross agin, Maybe for baby number 2! April 2021

    " My best friend has been recommending Annie for months and I finally booked an appointment with her last year. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but my mind is completely blown. Acupuncture with her is the most magical experience, and I feel I’m in such good hands with Annie. The energy moving through the body is like nothing I’ve ever experienced, and afterwards it’s similar to having been to a spa. I have suffered with chronic hip pain for years and in addition to the treatment, Annie has given me various tips and information which so far has not only alleviated the pain, but given me a lot of hope for my future. I can’t recommend Annie enough and have already done so to a number of family and friends. (Jan 2021)

    "Just thought I’d introduce you to my new little daughter Mya Grace: born June 2020.
    My sessions with you last year helped me so much - the understanding you gave me about my body, I can honestly say I really felt it made the difference to allowing me to take control of my thoughts and feelings enough to relax and conceive. Your warm, professional manner made me feel so at ease and I genuinely felt empowered. Having Mya in my arms and Grace in my heart - I am the happiest mother ever.
    Thank you for helping me achieve that. (June 2020)

    "After 2 years of trying and one miscarriage in June 2019, I was beginning to loose hope. The struggles of conceiving where testing me and my relationship, until I visited Annie.
    I Googled a few options and acupuncture seemed to be a good step into improving my fertility. After my miscarriage and the stress of everything my periods and cycles where a mess. So I thought I would give it a shot.
    I came to Annie’s clinic and as soon as I arrived I felt the warmth of Annie’s present. We discussed my issues in a calm and friendly way and proceeded with the acupuncture. I felt great afterwards like new lease of life and off I went.
    Well it didn’t take long! In December 2019 I fell pregnant (about 2 cycles in!)
    I truly believe without Annie’s help, guidance and support I would still be that lady who was disheartened every month.
    She’s brought so much joy and calm to me that I truly believed this helped.
    The acupuncture helped re-set my body and increased my fertility.
    I can’t thank Annie enough, she has been a massive help on my journey and I can’t wait for the new baby to arrive.
    I’m still attending weekly acupuncture whilst pregnant, (currently 13 weeks) as it helps keep me calm and balanced, reducing any anxiety and stress I have.
    I would highly recommend Annie to anyone going through fertility issues.
    I couldn’t thank Annie enough. She is truly amazing xx
    (March 2020)

    " People just have an energy that draws you in and Annie is one of them. After meeting her for the first time I started acupuncture in December 2019. This is a treatment that grounds me and leaves me relaxed but energised. Annie is a wonderful human and boy does she know her stuff, especially where acupuncture for fertility is concerned." (2020)

    "I read that acupuncture leading up to and on the day of a frozen embryo transfer can increase the changes of IVF being successful.
    Annie's sessions were great. As well as the acupuncture, which was very relaxing and helped my circulation. Annie helped me to understand about all the blood nourishing foods I could eat leading up to and after the transfer.
    The transfer was successful and I continued with acupuncture sessions throughout the period leading up to my 12 week scan, as Annie was brilliant at helping me to stay positive and help me to lessen my worries about another miscarriage.
    I would definitely recommend going to see Annie if you are undergoing IVF."
    Zoe, south MCR. (2019)

    "Dear Annie,
    I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your help on this journey of mine to become a Mother.
    I had lost hope when I saw you for the first time and felt truly fulfilled and complete when I saw you last.
    You have been an angel, you have helped me when I was unsure, kept me calm, helped me physically and emotionally, and the result was truly amazing: two beautiful children.
    Thank you so, so much Annie.
    (April 2018)

    "Annie is remarkable in both how she approaches her patients and the care she gives to each individual. Annie is kind and thoughtful. This was my first try of acupuncture so I wasn't sure of how it would go. Annie immediately put me at ease, talked through what my issues were and explained how she would treat me.
    The surroundings at Hale are peaceful. Without fail I always had a lovely long nap once I was on the table and my pins were in with the lights down low. A restorative process initially once a week and then I moved to fortnightly and finally to a monthly visit once Annie had settled down my menopausal cycle.
    I cannot recommend Annie highly enough, she is also great value for money and I would not be as sane as I am without her care over the last 18 months. My symptoms of (hormonal) sleeplessness, anxiety and hot flushes dissipated within a couple of visits and are now rare.
    Annie also has a great sense of humour so I always left feeling chirpy and relaxed.
    Go and see Annie, she is fabulous.
    Alison (Sale)" October 2017

    May 2014, my oldest friend gave me the best piece of advice I've ever had - 'why don't you try acupuncture? I know lots of people who have given it a go when trying to conceive and raved about it'. I'd not had a period for two-and-a-half years, so the 'task' of getting pregnant was far from easy. After continued frustrations with my GP's approach, I thought 'what have I got to lose?'. I came to see Annie later that month and from that moment on my life was transformed. In the space of a month, my period had started again; within seven months I was pregnant with my first child. Fifteen months after walking into Annie's treatment room for the first time, my husband and I now have a beautiful and precious baby girl - and we owe more than we could possibly express to Annie for the greatest gift ever. Her skill, knowledge, understanding, compassion and support guided us along an unforgettable journey. Not only did she treat a physical problem, but she listened intently during every session so that each treatment was bespoke to my needs that week. From pre-conception right through to week 40, Annie was there helping me to nurture, protect and prepare me for labour. I can never thank her enough for what she has done for us and I would not hesitate in recommending her to anyone. She is one in a million. E.W. 2015

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    'I first came to see Annie in November 2015 when I was going through one of the most difficult times of my life - I was struggling to conceive & had done the first month of being on the fertility drug clomid without success. I say struggling to conceive, but it was much more than this, my husband & I had been trying for years & tests had revealed I wasn't ovulating and one of my fallipian tubes was damaged from emergency surgery. Additionally, I have Crohn's disease and was having a flare up & was also struggling with the stress of my job as a solicitor. I was convinced I was destined never to have my own baby and had started looking into the possibility of adoption.

    A family member who had recently conceived through IVF recommended that I should try acupuncture as she believed it had helped her conceive on her second round of IVF (not having had it on the first round & failing to conceive).

    I started seeing Annie weekly & I felt the benefits of acupuncture straight away. I felt much more relaxed and positive about things and I also started feeling healthier and that my Crohn's was going back into remission (enabling me to focus on conceiving). Annie also used moxa in the sessions which I feel was of great benefit. Along with the actual acupuncture sessions, Annie discussed and advised on the menstrual cycle in Chinese medicine along with the importance of food in terms of blood building etc. I took all of this advice on board & adapted my diet accordingly.

    On the 31st March 2016, I was a few days late for my period ... i decided to take a pregnancy test, not wanting to get my hopes up after years of being disappointed. I couldn't quite believe it when the test was positive! We were having the baby we had always longed for and only 4 months after starting acupuncture sessions and without having to undergo IVF!

    I was initially nervous about the pregnancy, as I was scared something would happen to the baby we wanted so much, so it was only natural that I would continue with my acupuncture sessions with Annie, which I continued throughout my pregnancy.

    The benefits of the acupuncture sessions were enormous - from helping to relieve morning sickness, acid indigestion & pelvic girdle pain to reducing anxiety & stress and helping me sleep better. My Crohn's disease was also kept at bay and I felt great.

    I had a healthy pregnancy as a result and on the 12th December 2016 I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.

    I believe that I would not have conceived or had a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby without acupuncture. The effects and benefits are amazing & my husband and I cannot thank Annie enough for everything she has done for us; our baby girl is perfect in every way and we wouldn't have her now without acupuncture & Annie. (2016)

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    'I've been lucky enough to work with Annie Walker for the last 8 months and can't praise her highly enough. I was originally referred to her as we had been trying to conceive for over 2 years unsuccessfully and it had been suggested that as there was no obvious physical reason we hadn't been successful, Traditional Chinese Medicine acupuncture may be beneficial.
    From the outset, Annie's lovely warmth and caring approach meant I trusted her and the care and attention she took with every aspect of my treatment and every part of my overall wellbeing, was unlike anyone I had ever worked with before. Her passion for what she does and her diligence in ensuring her patients experience the best possible outcomes is truly inspiring. She goes above and beyond in every treatment and has been such a huge support to me through some of the most difficult and challenging times of my life.
    As a result of Annie's treatments, I'm delighted to say I am now 14 weeks pregnant! Not only was Annie's help in getting here phenomenal but since becoming pregnant I've had quite bad morning sickness and Annie's continued care and regular treatments have made it so much better... She is an amazing lady and someone I feel truly lucky to have had the opportunity to work
    with. (Cheshire, March 2014)

    'I began acupuncture with Annie after trying to conceive naturally for a couple of months. I read an article suggesting that acupuncture helped with conception. I spoke to Annie and instantly I felt at ease with her, and was impressed by her friendly manner and knowledge of her subject matter.
    During our sessions, my initial impressions of Annie proved to be true. I looked forward to our sessions and acupuncture had a positive affect on my overall health and state of mind. After attending the sessions for a couple of months, I felt was able to handle stress better both with regard to trying for a baby and work!
    I started my treatment with Annie in December 2012 and fell pregnant in February 2013. I am continuing to see Annie all through my pregnancy. I am convinced that without Annie's help this would not have happened - I would recommended Annie to friends and family, and would not hesitate to continue to do so in the future.'
    HR Cheshire
    June 2013